Mega mash-up: API testing with Postman, Azure DevOps and

Put on your aprons people – it’s recipe time. Today we’ll be cooking up a delicious batch of automated API tests. For this recipe, you’ll need a buttery Postman base, a squeeze from a random user data API, and a CI system to bake it all in (I used Azure Devops). The result is a set of golden-brown integration tests that use realistic fake data and run in the cloud on a schedule of your choosing. Sound like the sort of recipe you’d like to master? Read on… Continue reading

Happy 10th birthday Stack Overflow (my alter alma mater)

If you’re a developer, you can’t have failed to spot that Stack Overflow is celebrating its tenth birthday. Similarly, I’m sure I’m not alone in owing a great deal to Stack Overflow in terms of my professional development. I thought about sending an eCard, but decided that a blog post might be a more fitting tribute. In today’s post, I want to share my memories of how transformative Stack Overflow was and the impact it had on me personally.

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