Retrofitting code analysis to legacy projects – my 4 step strategy for long-term success

In my last post, I talked about why I love code analysers. Towards the end, I mentioned how easy it is to get started, but I glossed over the fact that flipping the switch on an existing application can be a pretty harrowing experience. In today’s post, I hope to make the jump a little easier by walking you through a 4 step strategy that I’ve found helpful on a couple of projects.

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Anglocentrism broke my tests – ignore localisation at your peril!

An issue was recently raised on the ConTabs project that sent me down a bit of a localisation rabbit hole. You see, I’d written a load of conformance tests that included example output. What I hadn’t factored in was how many of these were dependent on my locale. These would potentially fail on computers with different locales. In today’s post, I’d like to explore exactly what went wrong and how we put it right.

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Mega mash-up: API testing with Postman, Azure DevOps and

Put on your aprons people – it’s recipe time. Today we’ll be cooking up a delicious batch of automated API tests. For this recipe, you’ll need a buttery Postman base, a squeeze from a random user data API, and a CI system to bake it all in (I used Azure Devops). The result is a set of golden-brown integration tests that use realistic fake data and run in the cloud on a schedule of your choosing. Sound like the sort of recipe you’d like to master? Read on… Continue reading