Becoming a better supporter of women in tech

In a recent conversation, I asked what practical things I could do to help address the gender imbalance in tech. The person I was talking to (who is well known for their advocacy on the subject) responded that they were unaware it mattered to me because I’d never publicly spoken about it. Well, that changes today. No more hand-wringing from me. No more “oh isn’t it a difficult situation” or “whatever can be done?” In today’s post, I’m going on record as a proud feminist who’s prepared to take action.

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Tom’s going down under!

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here, but that’s because I’ve been busy. My family and I are relocating to Australia from the UK and we’ve been making all the necessary preparations. This post is a bit of a digest of all the things that are happening, some observations about the process of applying for a job overseas, and finally some teasers for future blog posts.

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Tools of the trade – my top 3 peripherals at work

This post was inspired by conversation I had at my desk today. It’s a conversation that takes place every now and again and it always takes the same form: someone will come over to my desk, start using my mouse, and remark on how lovely it is. They aren’t wrong. My mouse is excellent. Not flashy, but quietly brilliant. And it’s not just my mouse either. My keyboard is a joy to type on and I have some pretty nice wireless headphones too.

Now, the point of this post isn’t to boast about all my lovely things. As I point out in these desk-side conversations: these are the tools of my trade. During the week, I spend fully a third of my waking hours using a keyboard and mouse to cajole electrons into doing my bidding. Whilst I’m doing this, I very often use my headphones to shelter my concentration from the noisy open-plan office around me. Given that I’m using these things so much, any minor niggles can add up to become real productivity drains. In short, it’s pretty important to work with decent tools.

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