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Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Tom Wright and I’m a software developer living in the East of England. I’m also a father, music-lover, and balloon animal connoisseur, although I don’t plan to blog about any of these things here. Professionally, I spend most of my time working in C# and related technologies on a range of web-based, back-end and integration projects.

I’ve maintained several personal blogs over the years. Although looking back at the Live Journal blog I started in 2004 (no, I won’t tell you my username) makes me cringe, with time, each successive site became less embarassing, less teenage.

None of my previous blogs have lasted, so why make another? What makes this one different?

Well, for a start, this blog will be focussed on my professional life as a software developer. Expect posts on a range of subjects, potentially including:

  • New (to me) techniques and approaches
  • Tooling and products
  • Good practice
  • Non-technical aspects of working as a developer

I hope these topics will be of interest (and useful, perhaps) to my peers in the software development community. In fact, this is one of the motivations for starting to blog again: I’ve learnt so much from bloggers over the years and I’d like to start contributing to the pool of knowledge in whatever small way I can.

I’ll be aiming to write one or two new posts a month, so watch this space. For now, on with the show!

PS If you’ve read this far, I should probably level with you – I’m not really that keen on balloon animals.

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