Mega mash-up: API testing with Postman, Azure DevOps and

Put on your aprons people – it’s recipe time. Today we’ll be cooking up a delicious batch of automated API tests. For this recipe, you’ll need a buttery Postman base, a squeeze from a random user data API, and a CI system to bake it all in (I used Azure Devops). The result is a set of golden-brown integration tests that use realistic fake data and run in the cloud on a schedule of your choosing. Sound like the sort of recipe you’d like to master? Read on… Continue reading

Beware “RunOnStartup” in Azure Functions – a serverless horror story

Everyone loves a good technology horror story, right? The gorier the better in my experience. Well, over the last weekend we had an, um, “incident“. To my mind, it’s got all the ingredients of an excellent example of the genre: a small mistake, complicated conditions, and a big financial hit (mercifully averted). Sound like your kind of thing? Read on. I hope I do it justice…

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Getting started with Blazor – my red pill moment

I’ve recently blogged about how excited I am by the promise of Blazor. Well, I’ve built my first Blazor app and, having tried it, I’m no less excited. There are still plenty of rough edges (which I talk about below), but it fundamentally works. In this post, I’ll try to outline the pitfalls as best as I can, in the hope that others find it useful. Please don’t construe anything I write as a criticism of the Blazor team – what they’ve done is already game-changing.

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Blazor and .NET Core hosting – the future’s bright

In a past life, I was a web developer. In this post, I’d like to take an outsiders perspective on a couple of developments that I think will be hugely disruptive in the coming years. The first of these is .NET Core making it possible to run .NET websites on cheap hosting. The second is Blazor, which promises to let us use .NET for front-end web scripting – replacing Javascript. This post is a bit more soapbox-y than usual, so bear with me!

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