Understanding your users – an introduction to behavioural data

Understanding how people are using your app is crucial to your mission as a developer. If you don’t know how your users are interacting with your code, how can you work out how to improve it? As the first instalment of my new blog series on behaviour data collection and analysis, this post covers some of the foundations. So, if you’re new to behaviour data and want to learn more, read on…

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Mega mash-up: API testing with Postman, Azure DevOps and randomuser.me

Put on your aprons people – it’s recipe time. Today we’ll be cooking up a delicious batch of automated API tests. For this recipe, you’ll need a buttery Postman base, a squeeze from a random user data API, and a CI system to bake it all in (I used Azure Devops). The result is a set of golden-brown integration tests that use realistic fake data and run in the cloud on a schedule of your choosing. Sound like the sort of recipe you’d like to master? Read on… Continue reading

New tricks for an old dog – what I learnt from VS Code

After nearly a decade of coding in Visual Studio, a recent change in employment has put me in front of VS Code. The experience has had its ups and downs, so I thought I’d post a few pointers for anyone else who ends up in my situation. Moving beyond practical matters, I’d also like to take a moment to reflect on what the experience of weaning myself off Visual Studio has taught me. Zooming out further still, I close this post by considering what VS Code says about the state of the .NET ecosystem and try to put it all in perspective. If you can stomach all that, read on…

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